Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Shooting Star Refurbishment

We may just be getting into the nice weather, so why even mention the ice and snow of November and December.  For us, this is always at the top of our mind because Christmas is a year round business.  

At Classic Displays not only do we manufacture and install Christmas Displays but we also remove, refurbish and store the displays until the following season. So you can bet we are pretty busy restoring the displays during the off season.

Although a number of our clients opt to have their displays stored, there are also some that have their displays removed, modified and reinstalled so they can be used year round. An example of this would be the Shooting Stars that can be found in the Danforth Mosaic BIA.

Danforth Mosiac initially purchased pole mount Shooting Star displays that would be used for Christmas a couple of years ago. However, once the season was over they decided to keep them up as they weren’t as Christmas specific as some of the other displays we manufacture.

The Shooting Stars remained on the poles for a second Christmas and after over a year of enhancing the streets the BIA the customer decided the displays needed a bit of a face lift. With a number of rope light displays already in the BIA it was decided that glitter displays needed to be refurbished to match the rest. 

Our installation crew went out on a Monday morning to remove the Shooting Stars from the poles and as soon as they were in our warehouse the real work began. Our production crew began by stripping the glitter garland off the steel frame. Although the frame was still in great condition it had been outside for a number of months, so a fresh coat of paint was applied. Once dry, the production team then fastened rope light to the frame using cable ties. 

For 17 Shooting Stars, the refurbishing process took about two and a half days start to finish and the stars were lighting the streets of the Danforth Mosaic Thursday evening of that same week.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Spend Less with Classic Displays

Classic Displays would like to invite our customers to spend less money. We know that might sound strange but let us explain.

It’s hard to make an argument that a beautiful wood bench, stained and lacquered with a glossy finish is not a thing of beauty when it’s first put into place. But what about that bench after it’s faced its first year of all four seasons? How about the second, possibly the third or even forth? No matter the stain, no matter the finish, that once beautiful piece of park furniture is going to require upkeep to ensure it continues to look as new as possible and that upkeep in going to cost you time and it’s going to cost you money.

Classic Displays has been in the bench building business for over 20 years and we’ve learned a few things since then. Primarily, how to construct the best bench you will ever buy. We take great pride in manufacturing products that are built to last and withstand the variety of weather Mother Nature throws at it in every season. Our plastic lumber has the colour penetrated throughout the slat (not just on the surface) to prevent any scratches or attempts at carving into the slat from being noticeable. The plastic lumber also comes with a 25 year limited warranty against rotting, warping, splitting and cracking.

A good looking bench is not purely based on its slats, the ends and frames that hold the benches together are just as important. We use non corroding, cast aluminum ends and stainless steel hardware and whenever necessary, zinc treated steel to prevent corrosion.

Hopefully you are starting to see what we mean when we say we want our customers to spend less money with us. When you buy a product with Classic Displays you are buying quality, something that won’t have to be replaced year after year. Durability and quality will always save you money in the end.