Tuesday, 18 March 2014

New Products Debut at NFMT

It’s been a busy few months at Classic Displays as our waste and recycling product line continues to grow. Just over a week ago, we had the pleasure of exhibiting at the NFMT show in Baltimore and we brought with us our latest recycling solutions.

As mentioned in previous blogs, the prototype of the Griffin was unveiled in December of last year at the PM Expo, in Toronto. Once again the Griffin came with us to the NFMT show however this time instead of the prototype it was the proper base model of the unit, which again received quite a bit of positive feedback.

Another new unit that has now been at two trade shows but we haven’t said too much about is the Centry, a lower cost yet eye catching interior bin. Available as a single or multi stream unit, the Centry is equipped with standard graphics panels to ensure proper waste disposal and also has larger, optional graphics panels on the front and sides of the bin. A user friendly unit, the Centry can be emptied where it’s located or, thanks to its rear wheels, can be taken to the dumpster.

Something else we wanted to add to our interior recycling line was a more cost effective version of our popular Q Series. What resulted is what we call the K Series, a knock down, multi stream unit that features a narrow footprint which we unveiled for the first time in Baltimore.

Our customers are always working with fixed budgets, and shipping, especially across the continent can play a major role in turning a reasonably priced product into an over budget one. This was one of the deciding factors in creating a knock down unit. This easy to assemble unit can house up to four different streams of waste and recycling and it’s sack retention system lowers the cost of the unit further as recycled plastic liners are not required.

The new additions to our product line really helps round out what we currently offer and based on the solid feedback we’ve received, seems to fit the bill for meeting the needs of customer’s that want a high quality product at a more reasonable price!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Trade Show Season has Arrived

We are coming into trade show season here at Classic Displays and with so many new products to show off we are more excited than ever! Trade shows are an important part of our business model as it’s a great way to make new connections as well as get some face time with a number of our existing customers.

 The season officially kicks off this week in Baltimore at the National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT) show, which will be a first for us. Along with our new Griffin (that we unveiled at last year’s PM Expo) we will have our new indoor waste container the Centry, the Classic Heritage bench which is the latest in older adult seating, as well the Phoenix, our best selling outdoor waste container. We will even be unveiling a new knockdown waste container, the K Series!

Throughout the year we like to ensure we are involved in as many trade shows as we can so that we can reach our diverse market. We already sell many of our products into the U.S., but because it’s such a huge market that we want to further expand in, NFMT is a perfect show to make new contacts and build new relationships.

From there the whirlwind of trade shows continues with a number of shows booked into the month of May. Those shows include:

  • Springfest, April 10, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
  • National BIA Conference, April 27-29, Hamilton Convention Centre
  • OSUM Conference & Trade Show, April 30-May 1, Bobby Orr Community Centre, Parry Sound
  • CSLA Congress Ottawa, May 31, Chateau Laurier Hotel

After that we get a bit of a break but will be exhibiting at a couple of trade shows in the fall that will be announced once they are confirmed.

If you are planning on attending any of these shows be sure to stop by and say hello to members of our sales staff and check out what we have to offer. With so many new and exciting products having been unveiled late last year and more coming, you’re bound to see something there that you haven’t seen before!