Friday, 14 February 2014

Let Classic Displays do your Spring Cleaning

It’s been a rough winter with a lot of snow, but finally the temperature is slowly starting to creep back up the thermometer! Warmer temperatures means the snow will start to melt and some of your site furniture (that may have been lost in a snow pile) may soon be seen again! And what you see may not be pretty. With all the snow and ice comes a lot of salt and abuse on your site furniture, not to mention the amount of sidewalk plows that go by that may knick a bench or waste receptacle from time to time.

Although our products are built to withstand the weather, the type of winter we’ve had does start to take its toll. Much like we have to wash the salt stains off the bottoms of our pants and shoes, your site furniture requires the same type of care.

While we haven’t quite seen the last of the snow, you may want to consider checking the condition of your site furniture and if it looks like it’s going to need a good spring cleaning consider letting Classic Displays do it for you! We offer a wide variety of maintenance services to keep our customers’ site furniture looking its best!

Salt can do a number on site furniture; while it won’t necessarily leave any long term damage it certainly leaves things looking dingy. To combat this problem we offering power washing services within the GTA. Just give us a map that shows where all of the pieces are located and we will come give everything a good wash.

In the event the salt has done enough damage to cause the paint to chip off of your bench legs, or a snow plow has dinged it, we can clean up and repaint those legs on or off site. Other minor onsite repairs we offer include replacing damaged boards on a bench as well as hinges and locks on waste receptacles. If you have items that require major repairs we can come remove that particular bench or waste receptacle and reinstall it once the repairs have taken place at our warehouse.

To find out more about our maintenance services give us a call at 905-282-8888, because as much as everyone is looking forward to the arrival of spring, no one really wants to do the spring cleaning that comes with it!

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